#DifferenceMakers: Ray Kaltenbaugh

Ray Kaltenbaugh, President/CEO, Retired, Mercer County State Bank

Beyond community banking, tell us what you are involved with in your community.

Ray: • Stoneboro Lions Club – Past President
• Sandy Lake Rotary Club – Past President (merged with Stoneboro Lions Club)
• Sandy Lake Wesleyan Church – Board Member
• Oak Hill Cemetery Association – President
• Houghton College Alma Mater – Board Member
• Lakeview School District – Board Member for 12 years (previous)
• Mercer County Career Center (Vo-Tech) – Past President (a couple years)

Can you share with us the reason you are so passionate about the organization(s) with which you are involved?

Ray: For small communities to continue to grow and even survive, you need to have volunteers who are willing to step up and do things to keep the communities vital. And as communities succeed then the local businesses such as community banks succeed. You need to be able to give so that you can receive.

What prompted you to be a #DifferenceMaker in your community?

Ray: My father was a local businessman who was active in the community. The President of the Bank who hired me was also very adamant that I would be involved in local organizations. I grew up with these principles and it was expected of me to be involved and I actually enjoy being involved!

What is the most rewarding aspect of your involvement with your community?

Ray: The community being a nice environment; a small town that has businesses, schools, churches, a good place to raise your kids. There are small towns around that have not survived, so being active and giving back keeps it viable for future generations.

You obviously have a strong desire to give back to your community, does your volunteer work ever mix with your professional life?

Ray: They are intertwined! Definitely MCSB has been able to develop relationships because of involvements whether it’s loan requests, deposits, sponsorship requests (fairs etc.) … and there have been many occasions where the bank has allowed employees to also do volunteer work during banking hours and be part of the community.

You are obviously very busy, what is your favorite way to unwind at the end of the day?

Ray: Outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, hunting, gardening, and spending time with my children and grandchildren in their activities. Also traveling with my wife.




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