#DifferenceMakers: Ann Decker

Ann Decker, Business Development & Treasury Management Officer, Jonestown Bank & Trust Co.

Beyond community banking, tell us what you are involved with in your community.

Ann: Lebanon Family Health Services Board of Directors
• Co-chair of the Development Committee
• Serve on Golf Committee

Rotary Club of Lebanon
• Past President 2016
• Treasurer 2017-Present
• Serve on Bologna Fest Fundraiser committee since inception in 2010. Raised over $100,000 for local non- profits in the community

Junior Achievement
• In classroom volunteer at Southwest Elementary School & past Jonestown Elementary
• Young Women’s Symposium Volunteer

United Way of Lebanon County volunteer Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce
• Chairperson for the Ambassadors committee
• Serve on the Golf Committee, Past Chair

Lebanon County Commission for Women (2nd term)
• Serve on the Education committee
• Serve on Glass Slipper Prom Dress committee

Financial Literacy Advisory Committee Salvation Army Kettle Season Fundraiser
• Ring bell through JBT, Women’s Commission & Rotary

Lebanon Catholic School
• Past Treasurer LC Athletic Association

Can you share with us the reason you are so passionate about the organization(s) with which you are involved?

Ann: I am passionate about the organizations because of the positive impact the organizations make in our community and to the people who live here. For example, LFHS’s WIC (Women Infants and Children) program provides nutritious food vouchers for over 3,000+ clients per month. This not only helps the family purchase nutritious food options, but puts over $1 million dollars back into our local economy at our area grocers. This is only one program out of many they offer. The Rotary club has made an impact on many nonprofits over the past 8 years, from providing funds to upgrade a baseball field in a community park to assisting in the purchase of a wheelchair van and purchasing e-readers for our local library. I love going into the classroom to see the excitement of 1st graders learning about their community through Junior Achievement.

What prompted you to be a #DifferenceMaker in your community?

Ann: I believe you must support where you live, work and play through time, treasure and talent. I think of it as “if not me, then who?” I have had the good fortune of being provided a blessed life so it is my duty to give back.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your involvement with your community?

Ann: Knowing I have helped in making a small difference in many lives. The people I meet in the organizations I am involved with have become my friends and my mentors.

You obviously have a strong desire to give back to your community, does your volunteer work ever mix with your professional life?

Ann: Absolutely! Every meeting, event and fundraiser I am involved in allows me to meet and network with good people who have become my customers, clients and friends. I have assisted in finding banking services/programs for many individuals who I met through my community. I am fortunate that JBT supports my efforts and allows me to participate in some programs during my work day.

You are obviously very busy, what is your favorite way to unwind at the end of the day?

Ann: I enjoy spending time with my family & friends. I golf with a group of great ladies which is a fun (funny most times) stress release. I start most of my mornings at Crossfit Hershey which is a huge benefit to me both mentally and physically.



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