Preferred Provider ICI-Consulting Renews Partnership with PACB

PACB Services, Inc. is happy to report the continuation of its partnership with ICI-Consulting, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Fla., which was first formed more than seven years ago. 

ICI-Consulting has had an exclusive focus on the financial industry since 1994. 

That focus has allowed it to objectively evaluate, negotiate, recommend and help implement superior in-house or outsourcing solutions for its many clients. Its goal is to help select the best solutions at competitive prices for its clients and negotiate favorable contractual terms, thereby delivering a Best-In-Service model. 

ICI-Consulting offers a complimentary Core Strategy and Pricing Analysis so that banks can understand their current costs and how the PACB-ICI partnership can help save them money. 

The partnership between PACB and ICI-Consulting allows our association members the ability to receive sound advice from a partner that seeks to recommend the best for its customers. 

This renewed partnership also allows PACB to receive compensation when ICI-Consulting is used. 

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