A Word from PACB’s Chair

Tim Snyder

Making Things Happen

By Tim Snyder 
Chairman, PACB

With our Association spanning this great Commonwealth, most of us are familiar with the role the great Industrial Revolution played in making Pennsylvania a global powerhouse. Just thinking about all the innovation and forethought needed to design the complex machinery early on, which supported so many sectors of our state’s economy at the time, can be enlightening.

Every time, it was a case that all the wheels and all the cogs moved together in a synchronous fashion to “make things happen” back then, allowing our manufacturing processes to grow and expand.

I see many cogs and gears all working together at the moment within our Association.

The recent Capital Summit, sponsored by ICBA, gave many of our members an opportunity to meet firsthand our elected representatives in Washington, allowing them to personally express their concerns and views as community bankers.

PACB members met with Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-09), Congressman John Joyce (PA-13), Congressman Mike Kelly (PA-16), Congressman Chris Deluzio (PA-17) and U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA). Our group also met with senior staffers of Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-02) and U.S. Senator John Fetterman.

Nowadays, detailed planning is underway internally, for many segments of our upcoming Annual Convention in Savannah from Sept. 21-23, to again deliver an excellent experience for us in coming together for three days of outstanding banker education in a relaxed setting. It’s also a chance to see new products and services from exhibitors, who are intently interested in connecting with the banking community (and also are supporting our overall Association efforts by paying exhibit fees to be with us).

If you have not already, I encourage you to make plans now to join us for these three days of “time well spent” that will add to your knowledge base and grow your network of peers.

Also, PACB has several educational sessions for professional development coming in the months ahead—a combination of easy-to-attend webinars and in-person conferences, which all address topics of current concern to all levels within your organization.

Our Association has also enhanced its member outreach efforts—especially in attracting new members whom you can meet and develop relationships with at upcoming events and at Convention. We encourage you to interact with these newer members, who often bring new thinking and ideas to community banking.

Stay in touch with your Association during the remainder of 2023. Check with your IT department to ensure your contacts are receiving PACB’s email notifications, inform us of any personnel changes so that PACB’s email and print distribution lists remain accurate, and lastly, be sure to join your Association colleagues at PACB’s upcoming two marque events: our INSPIRE Awards coming June 15, and Convention 2023, as noted a few paragraphs above.

We remain committed to support (and in the case of PACB’s INSPIRE Awards) to also recognize and give visibility to the many “points of value” which our members bring to their communities each and every day.

Today, PACB represents many cogs, all moving synchronously, for the betterment of us all!



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