Pennsylvania’s Community Banks are banking on community in hometowns across the Commonwealth. In our ongoing documentary series, we share stories about how community banks serve their communities and help to ensure their hometowns not only survive, but thrive.

Part 4 of PACB’s “Bank on Community” series visits JBT in Jonestown, Pennsylvania. In 2006, JBT took a look at their brand and how they were showing up in the market. From that introspection, the JBT SMILE Standards were created. It’s the bank’s way of giving their clients the best possible service, making them feel welcome and ensuring all of their needs are being met so they leave happy and satisfied.

“The commitment is that we live and work here, our shareholders live and work here. We can only be as strong as the communities that we serve, so we have a vested interest in giving back and having the community be successful” – Troy Peters, President & CEO, JBT

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